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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring ~ Nature's Promise of Warmer Days

Strolls and Dandelions
 ANTon and BEEtrice
Humble Bumblebee
 The POLLENator

" Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway."
Mary Kay Ash
Donovan - Mellow Yellow
During my last visit home to Mauthen, located in Carinthia, Austria, I wandered around everywhere with my camera looking for inspiration. After the first couple of snaps, I became mesmerised by spring. The colours, especially that one, wonderful bright colour that stood out so much more than any other. The one that nature throws at you when she is at her artistic best – YELLOW. Yellow in all it various shades, from mellow yellow* through to bright golden yellow.

The colour is such a promise of the warmer golden days to come. From bulbs to bushes to flower to wildflowers, beguling the human eye and encouraging insects, especially the bees, to enjoy their first meal of the season, as well as kick starting their working year. I realised I had a theme, maybe two – COLOUR and INSECTS.

So spring 2014, for me, has been predominantly a season of yellow and busy bees. I was even lucky to photograph a bee with an ant on one Dandelion. Equally lucky was to be able to shoot one of those lovely, humble to the point of shyness, Bumblebees. She being a very busy Biene Maja, enjoying a fleeting blissful moment on a Dandelion. I now realise that the Dandelion, which I had viewed as a noxious weed in Australia, had undergone a paradigm shift. No longer a weed, but a wonderful yellow wildflower, to be celebrated rather than being gouged out of pristine lawns.
Spring ~ Nature's Promise of Warmer Days
YouTube Channel - W. Heron 
As to the other colours of spring, they too have meant something. I will keep thoughts and themes for further posts. Hmm, I do feel a Lilac moment coming on soon ;).
For anyone out there reading this blog, and I have been told some eccentric folk do, I have a two part question:
 “What colour represents your thought of spring? And why?”
I am not kidding, I really would love to know. 
To finish off I can't resist adding a clip from the original Biene Maya series. I have chosen the German version as it is the original, has a better tone to it and chubby sweet Biene Maja is so much cuter than the skinny new CGI version. 

Biene Maja Intro (German)
YouTube Channel - levisk1212

" Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems."
Rainer Maria Rilke 

* Can’t help thinking of that Donovan song “Mellow Yellow” in spring. Though the song has nothing to do with the colour. That of course is another theme entirely. It may or may not be touched on in one of the retro reviews I am planning, in the not so distant future.The choice for this post is entirely due to the fact I go around humming it this time of year and the word "yellow". 

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