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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Eurovision 2014: And the winner is...

Rise Like A Phoenix 
2014 Eurovision Song Contest winning number
YouTube Channel - Conchita Wurst

 Conchita Wurst - My Heart Will Go On 
YouTube Channel - Alienhomeful
" Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself."
Robert Green Ingersoll 
Conchita Wurst - Unbreakable
Austria (the country without Kangaroos). Thank you Conchita Wurst, who represent ed the country at the Eurovision Song Contest. The song, though not brilliant, was better than many of the others presented, having a message that was powerful and clear for everyone who listened to the lyrics. 
After watching the Contest program with friends last night, I had originally decided on a very different and perhaps more amusing essay to celebrate Austria’s first win since 1966. I was going to base it on a remark from one of the friend about it being a “James Bond” song. I have changed my mind since then. 
From various comments I have read on YouTube today, while researching for the essay, some people and some nations still have to mature and listen to the message that Conchita is bringing to Austria and the world. The most negative comments have been no different than the message that a dictatorship that ruled Austria over 60 years ago and the world went to war over – Intolerance. Even Austria, the country needed a maturity lesson, but I do hope Russia and the other losing nations got it also, especially the ones which lobbied to have her song removed from the broadcasts to their nations. 
Austria is often portrayed on the world stage as still being intolerant on a number of issues due to a marginal element who feature on that stage by being in the public limelight and politics. Surprisingly, I have found since living here that while intolerance is still to found in some marginal quarters Austria is not as intolerant as one would expect. It is a democratic republic with a growing tolerance that is slowly drowning out intolerance in all its ugly forms. It may be quiet about it, but it is nice to witness. 
The message delivered by the song was clear and concise – one of tolerance and acceptance for the freedom of choice, and the diversity that makes up this world. Without it the world would be a boring place. Many of Conchita’s songs have similar messages in the words. Discrimination won't destroy her life and it shouldn't destroy anyone's else. 
Conchita’s choice of how she presents herself is proving to be powerful message. The Saturday Night Show Irland clip is a wonderful video showing exactly why she chooses to present her message the way she does:

Conchita Wurst Saturday Night Show Irland
YouTube Channel - RTÉ - Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster
Congratulations to Conchita. Thank the universe for people like her and the role model she is proving to be. Austria should be very proud of Conchita bringing home the title. She has proved to be truly a modern Austrian icon, in the footsteps of many Austrians who have actually been positive for this nation's image and for the world in the messages they have delivered, the discoveries they have made and the creativity they have left for us to marvel at.
" Tolerance implies no lack of commitment 
to one's own beliefs. 
Rather it condemns the oppression 
or persecution of others."
John F. Kennedy 

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