"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from afar, I leave far behind me." Giordano Bruno (1548 – February 17, 1600)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spirit's Demise

Spirit’s Demise 

He set to beguile her spirit with worthless words of radiant soft assurance,
Hiding his inconstant mutable heart so well couched in words of charm,
Slicing out her spirit’s soul assuredly as if he had used a jagged knife,
With the facile adulteress in tow he achieves her broken soul’s destruction,
Thrusting her into ceaseless interminable pain for her spirit's death is done.

He and the paramour go on lustfully on in triumph of the spirit’s death, 
Rejoicing in intermittent  infidelities bound deep up in travelled secrets,
The promise for that sad spirit will forever cease life’s quiet contemplation,
The circuitous route to one soul’s destruction exceedingly well done,
They will carry on in lust cuckolding the incognisant steadfast bridegroom.

© W. Heron, 2014

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