"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from afar, I leave far behind me." Giordano Bruno (1548 – February 17, 1600)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Angel of Waffles

Angel  of Waffles

Winged Heron tosses a waffle in here.
Winged Heron tosses a waffle in there.
Winged Heron tosses a waffle up in the air.
Winged Heron watches a waffle adhere to a chair.
Winged Heron watches a waffle land on the stair.
Winged Heron watches a waffle stick to Hey Voom's hair.
Winged Heron thinks OOPS and wanders off without a care.
Winged Heron is back with sticky waffle poetry to share.
Winged Heron will do this with daring and more than a touch flair.
WInged Heron for a month or two was a sight, seen so rare.
Winged Heron is now back, all pretty and just as always fair.
Winged Heron has even ensured that she has paid her fare.
Winged Heron has now returned to the Death by Waffle lair.
Winged Heron after being absent is back and the Wafflers stare.
Winged Heron looks at them as if to say, "Comment if you dare!"
Winged Heron divides numerous large Waffles with a tear.
Winged Heron hands each jolly Waffler a pair.
Winged Heron eats a waffle while her Daddy prefers a pear.
Winged Heron listened to the farmer and kept the waffles from the mare.
Winged Heron likes her waffles sticky with syrup and never bare.
"Winged Heron's poem is just too much for any insane Waffler," they declare.
SO there!!

© W. Heron, 2009

Why is Winged Heron (Win) the "Angel of Waffles" you may ask? Well let me tell you of a tale of a bizarre little 3D world called "Second Life" that my sister got me involved in while she was pregnant with my nephew. Second Life or SL as it is fondly known, to distinguish from RL, which is Real Life, is a virtual world where you create an avatar or AV. This Avatar can be anything you want it to be and can have any personality or lifestyle you want. Citizens of SL come in all shapes and forms being as dark or as light as they choose. They can roleplay (RP), be themselves or be a little more than themselves if they want. 

Win is an angel, who sometimes dons her wings and halo but mostly roams around incognito. She has been a angel in a number of realms, places or groups in SL. One of Win's groups is called "Death By Waffle" which is a chat group for a bunch of nutty fun loving individuals who have a hang up about waffles and waffling on. Each of the senior or founding members was given a special role in the group, just for the fun  of it. Win, by virtue of her SL persona, naturally earned the title of "Angel of Waffles".

SO there you have it, how this mediocre poet's AV became the Angels of Waffes. Being in this group also resulted in 12 very short poems on various members of the group during a short period in 2008/2009. These were written in the tradition of Edward Lear. These belong to the lighter side of my mediocre efforts into the realm of poetry. I will post these at another time. 

I do produce other types of poems, which are often echoes of life experience, the rare dreams I have, my mood or about people I know. Some are just as light as this poem, while others can tend to be darker or sadder. Sometimes I even let the halo slip! If you choose to visit here don't be surprised that on occasions you may find some poems that are not as joyfully insane as this one. 

In the near future, I will be grouping the poetry together, as this Blog evolves into something a little more complex. This is long overdue and needs to be done in order to accommodate the eclectic nature it has developed since it was established in 2009. So feel free to leave comments or not, as long as they are constructive. As a middling poet, I strive to improve my personal style but enjoy exploring all forms, whether they rhyme or not.

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  1. Green Eggs and Ham... this is not Spam! Poem reminds me of Suess - or is that a ruse? ;)

    Love the Poem... not mediocre at all!
    Amethyst McMahon

  2. ROFL - yes does have a Dr. Suess air to it. Also some of my favourite works.

    The new waffle poems will be more in the tradition of Edward Lear. SO stay tune Amethyst McMahon as they include one for you, written while you were still a member of "Death By Waffle" - No 12 and the last one I actually penned :) - I believe this was your "neko" period ;)

  3. I still don ears, Whiskers and a tail now and again! ;)

    1. Well you are "The Celestial Kitty". Glad to see you haven't given the ears away