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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oops-a-daisy, or in Other Words those Accidental Snaps

Accidental Snaps - Oops #01
Accidental Snaps - Oops #02
Accidental Snaps - Oops #03
Accidental Snaps - Oops #4
"The progress of a photographer can often
be marked by the accumulated number of mistakes
he or she had made along the way. "
Catherine Jo Morgan 
Arcade Fire - "Photograph" from the "Her" soundtrack  
Ever have one of those moments when you realise you forgot to switch off the camera and you have an accidental click? This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. The results of this sort of "little a accident" would generally end up being deleted.  
When I downloaded the card, I looked twice. In the case of this first accidental snap (Oops #01), it was way out of focus and greatly blurred, albeit there was something strangely captivating in the shot. I liked it, finding it quite attractive in an arty-farty type of way.
Needless to say I decided that here was a theme worth following with more shots the following week (see Oops #02-#04). So now when I flippantly wander around in the evening with my trusty and not so rusty Pentax K-7, I sometimes click away for just the hell of it, without missing a step and with so inclination to focus in on anything, just to see what results. An oops photo can sometimes become a new outlet to creativity in a fractured sort of way. 
My suggestion is try it. It is so worth seeing if you can create a bit of artistic magic, from something as mundane as a poorly shot photograph. Nearly abstract art, I am quite tempted to get these shots printed and framed. 
My Oops shots may not appeal to some, but is that important? Sure as there is ice at the North Pole, I liked them as bad as they are. Maybe some other folk out there may also like them. If others don’t, well I don’t care. So if you have failures you like, embrace them. 
So before ditching a photographic slip up, consider first, if it has some bizarre purpose. It may be providing the inspiration for an abstract artwork. At the very least it could be an inspirational theme for a Blog post ;).
"Photography is more than a medium for 
factual communication of ideas. 
It is a creative art."
Ansel Adams 

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