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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yearning for the chic

Barbie A Fashion Fairytale

Yesterday, as I wandered through my district in Vienna (well my part of that district), I realised how few shops had any decent chic or elegant summer clothes this year. The softer look, or even a bolder elegance. This year seems to be all about colour - in your face colour, not much choice of pretty softer colours or bold elegant colours.

I don’t think it is getting older that is driving this yearning for a chicer or elegant look. I am sure there will be plenty of women who live in Vienna, of all ages, embracing the “new” season’s colours. Colours, which crop up every 4 to 5 years, in an endless cycle, by a need of some fashion houses, designers, and manufacturers to satisfy the “what do we do next” question. I get the impression, that when they can’t find an answer, they rush for the in your face colours, that can’t even be described as primary colours. I actually like primary colours.

This year’s colours are best keep to kids clothes, but unfortunately the designers have left open the gate this year to colour and the colours have escaped the school yard. Even teamed with whites they fail to provide me with any urge to go forth, storm shops and buy clothes. Fortunately I have amazing lovely primaries in my wardrobe already, along with a pair of green vintage designer jeans I picked up some along my way, to dispel any urge to waste money just to keep up with the summer trend. The green I must say is also far superior to the green on offer.

As few shops, like Desigual, cleverly blend colours and patterns, which on the most part quite clever and can be appealing. H&M also had some lovely things on offer, but unfortunately being in the Petite range of sizing is difficult for me. Others have just gone for bold, unappealing, “in your face” uni-colours. These have lost me on the customer level and the “wow is that a great look level”.

The one saving grace is Couricino (see photo). Up until January this year, I had only ever been tempted to look at the window displays, from the distance of my favourite setting position, in my favourite café. There will be more on this café in a later post. To cut the story short, as I have been accused of waffling on at times, my first real visit, during the sales period, saw me leave with two dresses. Yesterday I was pleased to note, from the window display, that the clothes on offer were lovely and the colours more conducive to a softer, more chic or elegant summer look.

A visit to Couricino is definitely in the future plans. Currently I don’t think it is a necessity, but I can safely say that before the summer is out, I will be crossing the threshold and taking a closer look at all that is on offer. I also suspect that this will result in a hazard to my bank balance, when this visit takes place. Expectation though, is currently on hold as other issues in life need to be dealt with first. I do, however, have my eye on a very feminine little piece, I saw in the window. Needless to say I don’t need to “ask how much is the (doggy) dress in the window” as the price was on display!

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