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Friday, November 20, 2009

Dave Small - A dear friend and a great musician

What can I say about Dave, a lot and never quite enough. I have been to a number of concerts in Second Life, not to discount those in Real Life, and of all those I have been to, no-one compares to Dave. In voice or that amazing talent for composing lyrics, Dave is unmatched by anyone in SL and I suspect if he had gotten the right exposure in RL he would have been up there with the best of them.

I have my dear friend, Sarah, to thank for introducing me to music in SL but best of all, as Lemon Lady Productions in SL & RL, she manages Dave. In that capacity she is one of the best there is.

Dave has had to give up the live performances due to ill health and the desire to concentrate on writing more songs. He is missed. You can catch more of his work on Reverbnation.

Dave, dear, I have missed you. Be well my friend if you read this. At least these videos and Reverbnation, can lesson the sadness not hearing you live.

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